Sunday, 21 July 2013

Big box of A-Line goodies

I picked up this job lot of A-Line kits on ebay on the spur of the moment.  The description made it sound like there were fewer kits than there turned out to be so it was a bit of a bonus when the box turned up in the post crammed with packets.  These kits are all long out of production and are the same models that were later released by Athearn under the RTR brand.

These kits are a mixture of intermodal equipment, and they are all labelled for 'Victors' the old model shop in Pentonville Road - a long lost store that was a treasure trove of US outline models in London.

The kits include:

 A trio of 48' Gunderson Well cars, complete with trucks and wheels.   

A pair of Gunderson 56' Well cars with USPS containers (no trucks included)

An 89' flat car with trucks.

A 53' semi truck reefer trailer.

Four 40' USPS parcel trailers.

I will most likely put some of these kits back onto ebay as I already have two five car sets of A-Line well cars on the workbench and I can't really justify adding five more!

The 89' flat car will make a good project and the 40' parcel trailers were the main reason I bought the lot as they will be useful for my spine car set.  So they will probably stay in the 'to do' pile :)

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